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About Website Links Count Checker

The best site of SEO tools is SEO Gape which provides the multiple tools that are useful for the professional web developers or the person who do work for off-page optimization and on-page optimization. The amazing tool in the optimization of a website is Website Links Count Checker it is used to measure the links of the site. It measures the both internal and external links that are directly linked to your website. It is the very useful tool it also tells that how many incoming and outcoming links are connected to the particular site. Sometimes few links are mention in the content that will use to provide the more detail about the topic.

Why You Need Website Links Count Checker

If you want to calculate the perfect amount of the links in the website, then this Free SEO Tool is best. Some owner of the website adds the excessive links in the web page in the result it goes down the performance of the website because the reader cannot read the original content. If you want to remove the unnecessary links from the site, then you can use website links count checker tool. It gives the complete results about the linking of the site and you can easily use it on the internet. you can also check the competitor website with help of this SEO tool you need just URL of competitor site and then get the report in seconds. It generates the results with all information that your links is internal or external.

How Can This Tool Be Used In An Optimum Manner

It improves the performance of the site and also makes the quality of the web page. The way to use this tool is very easy you just enter the domain name or complete URL of the website after that verify write the word in the box that appears in the image and press the Submit button. It provides the results in just a few seconds it is an online tool you can use it at any time. If you want to enhance the quality of the webpage or blog, then you can use this SEO tool. The internal links use to move another new web page so the visitor gets the more information in more detail if you want to check the number of all links then use website links count checker tool.

Advantages Of Website Links Count Checker Tool

The main factor in the optimization of the website is link building you cannot rank your site at the top page of the Google search engine. You can use this tool not only for your site but also for the competitor site you can easily check what your competitor does on their sites. You can estimate the links that how many links you need if you use fewer links in the site then the user cannot satisfied with the incomplete information and if you use excessive links then it reduces the space of content or quality of the site. For getting the idea that how many links are enough used our Website Links Count Checker tool at free of cost. You don't need any registration for use this tool it an online tool which gives the results in short time.