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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Some owners of the websites use the shared hosting, and there are many websites are share with the one IP address. If one site posts the illegal content, then all sites who share the same IP address are affected. The best SEO tool Reverse IP Domain Checker is very useful in this situation of shared hosting. It will use to check all domain names and links which share the same IP address and it also shows the if one website shows the illegal or wrong content. The SEO Gape always take care of the users who need SEO tools and it provides the variety of tool without any registration.

Benefits Of Reverse IP Domain Checker

The Google search engine block the IP addresses if they do not follow the rules and regulation of Search Engine Optimization. If these blocked IP addresses share the IP address of your website, then it is dangerous for the site because it may block your site. If you are using the shared hosting, then it is necessary to check that which sites share your IP address to check this you can use reverse IP domain checker. If your web page IP address is shared with some illegal or porn site, then Google search engine immediately block your site so always check your site shared hosting by using this Free SEO Tool and get the complete information about shared IP address. It provides the complete and accurate list of domains or links that are connected with your website IP address.

How Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool Works

The tool is paramount for the life of your website if you use shared IP address for your website then you need to aware of the all sites content that shared your IP address. It tells you which site is not good because if any site uses illegal content then your website page rank also goes down. The way to use the reverse IP domain checker is very easy you need just complete URL of your site to check the information about shared hosting. You just enter the URL of the website in the box that appears on the screen and then verifies the image that is necessary because it shows that you are not a robot and after that press the Submit button. It provides the accurate report about all websites that use the IP address of your web page.

It is an essential tool for the quality of the website it provides all details related to the links that shared your IP address and it is also very secure tool because it provides the all information only to the owner of the website. The secured web pages are very useful for the users and as well as for the proprietor of the site. Reverse IP Domain Checker tool check all the risks and viruses that available in the other sites. If you want to keep safe your website always checks your site by using this tool. You can use it online and get the results in few seconds.