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About Page Size Checker

Welcome to the SEO Gape here you can use multiple SEO Tools, and they all tools are helpful in the search engine optimization. The best SEO tool is Page Size Checker is used to check the speed of page loading on the website. In the field of SEO every professional web developer wants that the web page provides the unique content to the users, and they get the information in very less time. Every visitor wants that website page load in fast speed and owner of the site also want that their website provides the best services to the users. If the web page takes 5 to 6 seconds in loading, then the visitors close the site and move forward.

Importance Of Page Size Checker

If you want to get the high position in Google search engine, then it is necessary that your web page load in fast speed and it also will improve the performance of the site. You can easily check the speed of your page by using this Free SEO Tool and you can use it online at any time. In the Google search engine, the website whose page speed is fast getting the high page rank in the search engine. Sometimes the images and videos require in the content to explain the topic in more detail so it is necessary that the page must be load fast. If you feel that your web page speed is low, then you can use the Page Size Checker tool and get the results about your web page. Nowadays the users want to get require information and want to see the friendly website with the best loading speed.

Why We Need Page Size Checker In SEO

The typical size of the web page is about 12 KB and it will load in fast speed if you add more things on the page like images, videos, or any other media content then the size of the page will increase, and their speed goes down. It is necessary that web page must have high speed for this purpose you need to use the Page Size Checker tool and then analysis the page speed. This tool provides the result in Bytes and as well as in KB. In the web page speed, the main important factor is your website hosting always choose the best hosting for the site. When you buy the hosting prefer the best quality hosting and also check the space for the site. If you have no much knowledge about hosting then you can use our Domain Hosting Checker tool and check whether your hosting is suitable for your website or not.

How To Use This SEO Tool

You can use the tool online just enter the URL of the website in the box and the verify the image and press the Submit button. You get the accurate report in just a few seconds and it gives the results in bytes and kilobytes so you can check each and everything related to your web page size. The Page Size Checker tool is very useful in creating the user-friendly experience and also reduce the bounce rate which is imperative for the ranking of the website.