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About Email Privacy

The SEO Gape provide the multiple tools for the professional web developers or for the beginners of SEO who have no much knowledge about manual work. These tools make the work easy and also save the time it generates the results in just a few seconds. The tool Email Privacy is one of the best SEO tools which is use to check all record of the emails on the website and it also solve all issues in the privacy policy. It protects the website from the technical problems and keeps safe the all personal data of the users by giving the security to the email.

Why Email Privacy Is Important

It is the very powerful tool it takes the all records of incoming and outgoing emails on the website it also helpful to detect the bugs in the email. It is Free SEO Tool you can use it online any time when you want to check the privacy of your emails on the site. It protects all web mails to the visitors you can easily check through this SEO tool that how your mail folder is secure. It is the best tool for the owners of the website because they need 100% security of the emails on the web page. If your website is related to any registered company, then you are recruiting the employees and receive the number of emails it is not necessary that all emails come from the secure server for checking the security you can use our email privacy tool.

How To Use Email Privacy Tool

It provides the complete information about the privacy of the email folder. If it found some insecure server or bugs in the mail folder then you can easily block that secure server and will keep safe your website. The method to use this tool is very easy that anyone uses it on the internet. if you want to check the privacy of your email folder on the website then you need only the complete URL of the website. Just enter the web address in the bar and after that verify the image which is use to tell us that you are not a robot and then press the Submit button. email privacy tool generates the complete and accurate results in just couples of seconds and you will see hoe your web mails are protected.

Benefits Of Email Privacy Tool

It protects the website and keeps safe all emails of the site and now you will keep in mind that your emails will not be affected for the black hat SEO people they try to capture the personal data of the user without the consent of users. It protects the emails from the hackers or from the email scrapers that misuse the emails information. The Email Privacy tool is used to secure the webmaster and all data of emails available on the website. Some experts of search engine optimization tell that not involved your email id on the web page because the hackers try to target it but if it is necessary to you to add on the web page then you should use our free tool and keep safe your webmails and your website.