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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Dmoz Listing Checker is a tool which is used to analysis the Dmoz listing of the website. It makes the work easy for the professional's web developer and the persons who do the off-page optimization and off-page optimization. It tells that whether your website is listed in the Dmoz directory or not. It is a Free Seo Tool and it provides the accurate report of the Dmoz listing in very less time. The Google search engine provide the enormous credit to all that sites which is listed in the Dmoz directory, so that’s why domain investors check the list of Dmoz and then decide which domain get more benefit and invest on it.

Why Dmoz Listing Checker Is Important

It is a directory which is developed by AOL and those sites which are listed in the directory always take more preference to others and all these websites get the high page rank in the search engine. If you want to get the top position in the Google search engine then must make the best quality of content and also increase the quality of your site after that list your site in the Dmoz directory at free of cost. If you want to check that your site is listed or not then you use the Dmoz Listing Checker Tool it will give you the accurate report about your website. Always use the site of Seo Gape for use this tool because you don’t need to sign up or registration to use this tool. You can visit this site anytime and use the tool when you need it and get the results in few seconds. It is also helpful to analyze that your category is correctly chosen if it is not then there is a high chance of penalized your web page. If you want to check each and every category in your blog or site then it is the best tool and Google also prefer this tool for the directory.

Benefits Of Dmoz Listing Checker Tool

The main important thing in this instrument that it is easily installed and their method to use is also very easy and straightforward. If you want to check that your web page or blog listed in the Dmoz directory you just enter the complete URL of the website in the box and verify that you are human by writing the words that show in an image after that press the button of submitting and get the complete accurate report of your site. If you want to check the sites in bulk then don’t be panic you can check up at the same time up to 100 URLs and get the results of all 100 URLs in just a few seconds. The report is provided in the form of a table it shows all sites which are listed in the directory as “Listed” and those sites which do not appear in the list shows as “Not Listed”. The Dmoz Listing Checker also save your time if the web developer who need to get aware all the time about the website then they check the status of the site daily by using this tool they can save their time.