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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The SEO Gape provide the variety of best SEO tools for the optimization of the website. One of the best tools is Code to Text Ratio Checker which is use to check the percentage that how much actual text content on the website. It measures the text content of the web page including the HTML tags, CSS and JavaScript. It is very useful tool in the ranking of the website because if your web page has more text code ratio which you can get the high rank in the Google search engine. Every web developer or webmaster need to get the more traffic on the website so it is necessary to rank your site in the search engine. 

How This SEO Tool Works

It is a Free SEO Tool and it is also called Visible text ratio because it uses to measure the actual text that appears or visible on the website. It is the best and powerful tool because it generates the perfect or correct results about the actual text content that is available on the site. The code to text ratio checker tool calculates the ratio of text by using the two things first take the text from paragraphs and then take the anchor text from the HTML code then calculate the text ratio. It is used by a spider to measure that how much web page is relevant or not. If you calculate the ratio and you get the high code to text ratio, then it is good for you because the high code to text ratio shows your site will get the high page rank in the search engine.

Important Tips For High Code to Text Ratio

The most important factor in your website is the visible or actual text content so remove the unnecessary codes, comments, and spaces. Avoid to use unnecessary or excessive tables in the code always use these tables for the particular purpose. If you want to reduce the size of the file, then try to use the modern methods for formatting and avoid to use the traditional methods. The traditional method of formatting like font methods is not much effective as a modern method like cascading style sheets. The code to text ratio checker tool is an online tool you can use it at any time on the internet when you need it. Don’t use the large size images in the content and before adding the image in the web page always do the proper research on it that is good for the site or not.

Get The Results In Seconds

The way to use this SEO tool is very easy anyone can use it at free of cost and if you use this on our site then you not need any registration or sign up for use this tool. You need the complete web address of the site and enter it in the box after that verify the image which shows that you are not a robot and then press the Submit button. The Code to Text Ratio Checker tool generates the 100% accurate results in just a few seconds.