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09/10/2016 12:00 AM by Iqra Khawer in Seo tips

The Link Analyzer Tool is developed by the Jim Boykin this tool is used to detect the internal and external link of the websites. To analyze the web page just simply post the URL of that web page and after that select the type of link (internal link, external link) that you want to check.

The internal link is that link which is linked to the same domain all these types of links are known as inner links. The external link is a link which links to another page to another website or domain. This tool also shows the no follow links of the web page.

It generates on the web page and this list contains the number of columns like a table. The one column of the table is for links and the other column is for their anchor text. If the hyperlink of the site is shown as an image, then the alt attribute of that image is write in the column as the anchor text.

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Free Link Analyzer Tool

You can analyze the link only for one web page at a time. There is a wide range of link analyzer tool is available and that make the process become easier. The SEO experts who are specialists in the search of marketing efforts they know all these tools and much more.

This tool is more beneficial for the marketers who needs benchmark and also want the quality links against the other market competitors. The Free SEO Tools which are used to analyze or designed the off-page SEO by checking the quality inbound links to your own website. The top linking website SEO Gape is helpful to identify the best quality links to your domain.

This tool also identifies the number of related websites and backlinks to your domain. It is more beneficial for the users because it allows them to view the backlinks for the web page. It also rating the URL by their quality for the web page and it provides the all details of backlinks and tells about the domains that are referred to your website.

In the Search Engine Optimization, the link building is a key factor and its play an important role in the off-page SEO. To determine the page rank of the website the most important factor is backlinks for the web page and it is used by the search engine optimization.

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The number of quality backlinks leads the website at the good page rank. This tool provides the information about the incoming inbound links to a web page. The link analyzer tool provides the complete report of links in the form of a table so you can easily check the ratio between inner links and external links for the web page.

The tool is useful for the webmasters who research the different websites which are linking to your site. It is also very popular in the market because it is a source of income for the marketers they make the complete link analysis report by using these tools and then earn money from the clients.

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