The Ultimate Guide Of SEO For Beginners

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The Ultimate Guide Of SEO For Beginners

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The beginners who want to learn SEO work and wish to do the website optimization, always keep in mind that there is no magic or trick to rank the website on the first page of Google search engine. It is the complicated and arduous method to make your website with the top quality that Google admit that your site deserves the top position in the search engine. To get the high position on the first page of Google follows the rules to optimize your site.

The Search Engine Optimization need the creative and technical factor for attract the traffic on your site and get the high page rank. It is not just about make the website that is the user-friendly site but it requires that site should be useful for the visitors. If you find any trouble in doing of SEO, then you can visit our Free SEO Tools site and get the help that you need.

Basic SEO Tips For The Beginners

Apart from the SEO tools there are also many tips for the newcomers because they don’t know very much about SEO but don’t you worry we are here for you to provide you all the basic information related to the search engine optimization.

A step by step guide will help you to increase your visibility in Google and yahoo search engine.

  • Page Title, Description and Keywords
  • The Structure of Permanent Link
  • Inbound Links
  • Headings
  • The Optimization of Image

Page Title

The most important factor in the optimization of a website is the page title that is why it is top in the list. For the Google search engine optimization always make the right and unique page titles for your site. If the page title matches with your keyword, then it is beneficial for you because it provides good search results.

The Home Page Title

Use the name of your product or business and also include the necessary information about the location in this title. The title should be attractive for the user or readers.


The Post Page Title.

Every page in the site needs a separate and unique title that describe the content and tell the descriptive view of your article. the page title should be helpful for the user that the user knows quickly about the page and its topic.



In the website, the page description is necessary to get the accurate results from the search engine and meta tags is also a major factor in the optimization. It generates the traffic on the web page and provides the summary about the site.

Some valuable tips for making a good description are given below:

  • Always create a unique description.
  • The size should be use between 150 to 160 characters.
  • Don’t repeat the title.
  • Avoid the excessive use of keywords.
  • Write the description just like the advertisement.



A keyword is an essential element in the search engine optimization. It is a word or phrase in the content, and it makes easy for the visitors to go your website.

How to Find the Right Keywords

At the first step find the generic keyword by using the different Keyword Tools that are available on the internet. The keyword is a major factor in the SEO ranking because keyword generates the visitors to the website. Remember some important things when selecting the keyword for your site. The guideline to select the best keywords are.

  • Always select the keyword which is relevant to your website topic and avoid to use single word keyword even you are sure that this keyword will get a rank for your website.
  • Don’t select high competition keyword, always select low competition keyword with high search volume.
  • Use the long tail keywords. Don’t use the term like “SEO Expert”. If you are an SEO Expert located in USA, then use the keyword “SEO Expert in USA”.

2 – The Structure Of Permanent Link

The structure of a permanent link is used to create the URL for your website. It appears below the page title in the search engine results and also in the browser address bar.

Below are some important instructions and examples to optimize link structure.

  • Always make the secure URL that the user can understand it.
  • Use the sign of “- “to separate the words.
  • Don’t make the long URLs with irrelevant information.
  • In the URL use that words that describe the meanings of your content and tell what the page provides and never use the keywords.

Wrong link structure


Correct link structure


3 – Inbound Links

The inbound links also called as internal links, mean a link that display on the website and it use to point to the next page. These internal links are imperative for the ranking, and it makes the quality of the web page. The users can get the more detail information through these links and it also generate the traffic to the website. Some important things for creating the internal links are given below:

  • Always link the relevant articles that match your keywords.
  • The internal link should be helpful for the user.
  • The inbound links easy to understand by the user and Google search engine.
  • The internal link should use to navigate the website in a better way.
  • Avoid to use the words like “Click Here”
  • Don’t make the over internal links 4 to 5 inbounds links are useful on one page.

4 – Headings

The formatting of text is very necessary to attract the readers. If you post the content as you write, then it is not beneficial for the user and you can also lose you all effort. These headings are same as headings in the book.

H1: Main Heading of the page.

H2: Sub-Heading in the page.

H3: used for Example in the page.

To attain the reader attention should use the Italic and Bold characters. Avoid to make the long paragraphs it will bore the user and always use the right font size in the post that reader can easily read it.

5 – The Image Optimization

Sometimes the pictures on the website are necessary to explain the exact meaning of the content but when you use an image on the site always keep in mind that image has issue of page load speed. If you want to use image on the website, then use the Alt Text to explain the image. You can also use relevant keyword in the image. Optimize the size of image. The speed of load the image also depends on the extent of a picture if you use small size image then its speed will faster.

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