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About AVG Antivirus Checker

The best SEO tool offering by the SEO Gape for the user who do the work the off page SEO and on page SEO. The name of the tool is AVG Antivirus Checker it uses to find the viruses in the web page. It keeps safe the users and readers of the infected sites. Every owner of the site wants to make the high-quality website and also keep it safe from the viruses. It is the best scanner for the website you can make the security of site from this tool. There are so many users are available on the internet, and that’s why there are high chances of availability of virus in the website.

How AVG Antivirus Checker Works In SEO

Every webmaster and professional web developers want that their website must be free from the viruses and the users not face any difficulty at the time of visit. It is Free SEO Tool which provides you a complete security against the virus or any spam activity. If you use shared hosting for the web page, then AVG Antivirus Checker tool is necessary for the protection of the site. When you use the shared IP address, then many other sites shared your IP address if they publish any illegal content or if their site has a virus then it also affects your website. If the virus comes on the website, it will destroy the quality and performance of the site. The spam activities reduce the ranking of the website and also decrease the traffic on the blog or site.

How To Use AVG Antivirus Checker

The method to use this SEO tool is very easy, and everyone can use it. It is an online tool you can use it anytime when need it at free of cost. If you want to use this tool you can enter the complete URL of the website in the box and then verify the image that means you are not a robot after that press the Submit button. If you want to check the more than one website, then AVG Antivirus Checker tool offer you to add 20 URL of websites at a time. It provides the 100% accurate results and protects your website. It generates the complete report about the virus or spam activity if it found any virus on the site it will update you.

Tips To Protect Your Website From Virus

Every owner needs to aware of the website activities and must check spam or virus in the site if it finds then remove it. Sometimes virus attacks the web page, and the owner does not know about so for this purpose AVG Antivirus Checker play an essential role in the search engine optimization. It protects the word press site from the virus attacks in the following ways:

  • Most viruses come on the website due to the outdated version of plugins so always make sure that you use the updated WordPress and plugins.
  • For the protection of the website always use the unique username and password and never use the default password or username.
  • Daily check the backup of the site.
  • Avoid to use the pirated plugins or themes for the site because they increase the chances of malware.
  • Always purchase the themes and plugins from the protected source.